Café Yano


Beef Salpicao   P360.00 

Beef tenderloin cubes marinated with Worcestershire sauce,

topped with toasted garlic slivers  


Calamares   P165.00 

Deep fried squid rings served with tartar sauce  


Gambas    P360.00

Shrimp sautéed in olive oil and our own gambas spice

Served with bagueete   


Sinuglaw    P270.00

Tuna belly ceviche topped with grilled pork belly


Vietnamese Roll    P150.00

4 pieces deep fried Vietnamese roll, served with lime vinaigrette  


Clam Chowder    P105.00

Luneta Hotel’s style clam chowder with a hint of bacon     


Pumpkin    P150.00

Roasted pumpkin puree, finished with cream  


Tomato    P90.00

Stewed organic tomatoes puree, topped with cream  


Chicken Consomme    P90.00

Clear chicken soup  




Served with sausage, bacon, 2 eggs (scrambled or sunny side up), bread & butter, orange juice and coffee 



Served with sliced bread or toast, blueberry jam, butter marmalade, seasonal fruits and coffee or tea.



Served with cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, non fat milk or orange juice and tea



Served with garlic or plain rice and 2 eggs (scrambled or sunny side up), and coffee

Best Adobo Flakes with Eggs    P290.00

Adobo Flakes with Eggs 


Boneless Bangus with Eggs       P325.00

Deboned milkfish marinated with garlic, vinegar sal and pepper 


Chicken Tocino with Eggs          P280.00

Chicken thigh fillet cured in sugar 


Tapa with Eggs                                P360.00

Cured and marinated beef sirloin 


Longganisa with Eggs                   P290.00

3 pieces Longganisa with Eggs 


My Big Alumsal Platter   P1,250.00

Good for 4 persons

Luneta Hotel’s signature sharing platter, a medley of Beef Tapa,

Chicken Tocino, Bangus, Adobo Flakes, Pork and Beans and Vigan

Longaniza, served with 2 omellete, sunny side up, pickled egg and roasted tomato



Original Pancakes      P260.00

Not your ordinary pancake, served with maple syrup,

whipped butter,  whipped cream  


Waffle                              P190.00

Waffle served with butter, cream and maple syrup  



Café Yano Burger                   P370.00

Grilled burger patty with lettuce, caramelized onion, cheese

served with potato wedges  


Chicken Sandwich                  P260.00

Pan fried chicken, lettuce and tomato served with parmesan fries  


Ham and Cheese Monte Cristo     P350.00

Sweet ham with 2 kinds of cheese, pan fried egg batter,

parmesan fries, served with preserve  


Luneta Club Sandwich            P540.00

Bacon, ham, pan fried chicken, aioli, egg mayo, 3 kinds of cheeses

served with parmesan fries  


Shrimp, Kani and Egg                P405.00

Shrimp, kani and egg spread, Japanese mayo topped with avocado

 with parmesan fries


Tuna Sandwich                       P225.00

Tuna spread, lettuce and tomato, served with parmesan fries  




Caesar                              P270.00

Romaine lettuce, toasted over Caesar dressing

topped with bacon and croutons 


Oriental Salad                P200.00

Mixed organic green, cherry tomato, sliced red onion, mangoes,

 toasted over Asian Dressing, topped with fried lumpia wrapper  


Greek Salad                      P270.00

Seasoned with oregano and dressed with olive oil  



Paella Negra                 P799.00

Rice dish with squid cooked on its own ink topped with fresh seafood,

served in traditional paella  


Paella Valenciana        P899.00

Rice dish with chicken, Spanish chorizo, fresh seafoods,

topped with red pimiento  


Seafood Paella              P999.00

Arborio rice cooked al dente, with saffron and fresh seafoods,

served on a traditional paella  



Callos a la Anda Luza             P290.00

Ox tripe in tomato sauce with chorizo and chickpeas 


Chicken Terriyaki Sauce       P395.00

Quartered chicken leg cooked in sous vide for 2 hours, drizzled

With teriyaki sauce served with French bean and shitake mushroom  


Korean Beef Stew         P665.00

Braised beef short ribs, Korean soy sauce and dikon radish  


Lengua de Crema            P435.00

Ox tonque in mushroom sauce  


Memphis BBQ Ribs (Half Slab)       P475.00

Slow Roasted ribs baste with homemade BBQ sauce,

Served with mash potato and coleslaw  


Pollo Iberrico         P350.00

Spanish style roast chicken served with roasted potato and onions  


Honey Mustard Chicken             P395.00

Baked chicken in honey mustard sauce  



Kare-Kare in Cashew Sauce             P649.00

Philippines stew served with cashew sauce



Filipino soup in tamarind based sour broth

Choice of:

Pork                                 P459.00

Shrimp                               P489.00

Bangus (Milkfish)               P379.00


Tinolang Manok               P289.00

Chicken Soup in ginger flavoured broth


Lechon Kawali                  P399.00

Crispy fried pork belly 


Chicken Pork Adobo       P389.00

Unofficial national Filipino dish using Chicken and Pork meat marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic



Bacon Mushroom with Truffle Oil                         P360.00

Fettuccine in white sauce with wild mushroom and bacon drizzled with truffle oil  


Lasagna                                  P430.00

Red and white sauce Bolognese, top with 2 kinds of cheese  


Linguine Scampi                  P290.00

Linguine with shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chilli flakes, finished with lemon  


Old Fashioned Meatballs Spaghetti                          P235.00

Spaghetti in classic tomato sauce with combination of port and beef meatballs  



Served in thin crust and special pizza sauce

4 Cheese           P585.00

Topped with mozzarella, cheddar, quesong puti, gouda cheese (dutch yellow cheese)  


Shrimp and Garlic         P555.00

Topped with sautéed shrimp, toasted garlic, served with arugula salad


Bacon and Mushroom          P510.00

Topped with smoked bacon, sautéed shitake mushroom and served with arugula



Mozzarella Sticks    P270.00  

3 pieces deep tried mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce  


Nachos Grande        P595.00

Nachos, seasoned beef, guacamole, jalapeno, topped with cheese sauce and sour cream


Nachos Bonito          P300.00

Nachos, seasoned beef, guacamole, jalapeno, topped with cheese sauce and sour cream



Luneta Hotel Signature Ice Cream


Cream Cheesecake Ice Cream                   P135.00

Queso’t Mais                                                 P145.00

Rosas                                                              P135.00

Sampaguita                                                   P135.00

Tablea with Choconut                                 P155.00